Wednesday, 20 February 2013

4 months on

I have a couple of posts saved as drafts that go through some of the things that have happened since my last post (PCI).  But it's looking like I might never finish them!  I intend to, but in case I don't, the short story is "we love it!" and here is an almost complete picture for completeness of the blog.

Last week, after some dramas, our front landscaping was finally completed!  It has made a huge difference to the look of the facade, which I had been thinking was looking a little too monotone.  But the garden has injected some colour and it looks wonderful!  On a whim I unilaterally completely changed our plant selections, but fortunately I'm still married.  The original plan was mostly for structured grasses, but instead I went for some dwarf magnolias, gardenias and some flowering shrubs.

All that's left to do now is the tiling of the portico and alfresco!  And obviously the nature strip, but that's out of our hands - hopefully it's not too far away.  At the moment I'm not sure we'll ever own enough furniture to fill the house, but I'm sure in time we will figure something out!

If I don't get on to finishing the mystery posts in my drafts folder, thanks to everyone for reading along, and I hope that our little corner of the internet has helped others starting out on their own building journey!


  1. plants do make a huge diference. Your front looks fantastic. love to see more pics.

    Congrats on the lovely house.

    1. Thanks Ynot! I've been waiting for that perfect moment when the house looks like noone lives there to take more "finished" pictures ;)

  2. Looks great, I love seeing the finished product. Re, "finished' pictures, remember that it is great to see a 'home' and not a display home. That really shows that people love living in their houses. All the best for your last touches. MummaDJ

  3. It is a nice house, which makes a great home. Love you blog. Congratulations.

  4. Looks great! I love the outdoor colour selections, and the plants look well balanced. Congratulations!

  5. Looks great! Love to see more pics if you can... ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your journey. It's been very helpful as we start our own Drysdale journey!

  6. You have a beautiful house and surely you will have more ideas to make it more lovely. Maybe you can have a vegetable garden here.

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