Sunday, 29 July 2012


We heard from our building coordinator that our kitchen was scheduled to arrive during the week, and that fixing stage should be finished by next Wednesday, so we were pretty excited to head out to the site yesterday.


The kitchen cabinets have been installed, and they look great.  We had such a small kitchen in our last house that we won't know what to do with all this storage space!  There should be a bulkhead above the overhead cabinets which isn't in yet.  We thought perhaps that this would happen later, but the cornice has been fitted all the way around, which seems a little odd.  We will check with the site supervisor next week what is going on with that.

Pot drawers
Island bench


We were pleased to see that the overhead cupboards had a spring-loaded opening mechanism.  We had opted for no handles on these cabinets, and were told that it meant that the door would extend a little lower than the cabinet to provide something to grip on to to, but the push in gadget is great (something we probably would have done if wee weren't told it would cost extra!).

Overhead cabinets

We are very happy with how the kitchen is looking.  We noticed that one of the pot drawers is slightly out of alignment, but otherwise it is great.

Pot drawers out of alignment



The bathroom vanities have also been installed.

Ensuite (double) vanity
Bathroom vanity



The laundry cabinets have been installed.

Laundry cabinets
The laundry cupboard now has doors.

Laundry cupboard





Some of the internal doors have been hung; the theatre and ensuite, as well as the master bedroom double doors.

Theatre door
Master bedroom doors
The sliding doors for the bedroom wardrobes have been delivered.

Wardrobe doors


Front door

The (beautiful!) front door has been delivered.

Front door


Cornice and architraves

The cornice has been fixed throughout the house.

Rumpus room (cornice)
Door and window architraves have been started.

Theatre architraves
Laundry window archtraves



The alfresco ceiling has been plastered.

Alfresco ceiling



The fence posts for the west side fence are up.  If the weather had been kind the whole fence may have been complete by now, but the weather has been most unkind.

Fence posts


Heating and cooling

The air conditioning unit has been installed.

Air conditioner

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Looking like a house - inside and out!

On Saturday we made out weekly trek out to the site, and were pleasantly surprised with the progress. 


Since Robert visited on Monday the plaster has almost been finished.  With the frame covered, it feels like a house inside for the first time.

Master bedroom
Living room
Ensuite shower


The only obvious change to the exterior between Monday and Saturday was a big one - render!  It is unpainted, but it has made a bit difference to the look of the facade.


Front Door

We love our front door size.  You can only get a sense of how big is with a person in it.  I can't wait to see the real door in the frame.

Front Door

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lock up

On Monday, a few days earlier than expected, we received word that lock up was completed and our invoice arrived shortly after.

Robert called by on his way home from work to check it out.  It's far from "locked up" in any logical sense of the phrase, but it is weatherproof, so there's no arguing the point.  Bricks are complete and the site has been cleaned.  Insulation is in too.  It's really taking shape.

Bricks complete
Bricks & rumpus sliding door

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Almost at lock-up

Last week we got word that we were pretty close to lock-up, so we were keen to get out to the site on the weekend.


Bricklaying is pretty close to done.  It looks like all there is left to do are the pillars on the portico.  The quality of the brickwork looks great, and we are glad that the site supervisor recommended the raked mortar to us.  It is interesting to see the difference in workmanship between the areas that will be rendered and the rest of the house.


Heating and Cooling

Heating unit are in.

Heating unit


Gas has been plumbed to the kitchen and alfresco.

Alfresco pillar with gas


The electrical has been roughed in.


Front Door

Much to our delight the front door frame has been fitted.  We were concerned because by our calculations the frame was going to be a little to big for the cavity (about 6mm).  We weren't sure whether the frame size out be different to the standard or whether they would make it fit somehow, but either way it is in and it looks fantastic.  There is a temporary door on at the moment, but the size is exactly what we are after.  The door is a 2340 x 1200mm pivot door and will hopefully be a the feature of the entrance.

Front door
Front door
Front door


We noticed a bent window frame on the west side.  The we mentioned it to the site supervisor who said it was pretty common and would be fixed later.

Bent window frame