Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bricks and Roof

Yesterday we visited the site and were welcomed by the sight of a wall of bricks and most of a roof.

A week's work


Last Monday, before the bricks were delivered, we recieved a phone call from the site supervisor to ask us about our selected mortar.  We had selected raked mortar, in off white.  At Hopetoun Interiors we were told that the only option for these bricks was raked mortar, and we (the most indecisive two people on the planet) were pleased that that decision had been made for us.  However the site supervisor was calling to tell us that in his opinion, raked mortar was not the best option for our bricks, and that we should consider ironed (or rolled) mortar.  His opinion was based on the shape of the bricks.  We thought it over and decided to go with his recommendation.  We were really pleased that he called us when he saw something that he thought could be improved.

Our bricks were delivered on Thursday, and by Saturday the external wall of the garage has been layed and the eastern wall has been started.

Our site supervisor is very happy with our bricklayer - he told Robert that he is one of the top 3 bricklayers in the western/northern region.  We're not experts, but the work looks very good so far.

Garage Wall - External
Garage Wall - External

Garage Wall - Internal
East Wall
East Wall - with window frame

The bricks are Boral "Mocha".  Unfortuately I don't think any of the photos show the colour of the bricks especially well.  Perhaps the last one is the best.


We also found that our roof is well underway.  The roof is Colorbond Woodland Grey.

Roof from the front
Roof from the rear
Roof from the rear
Roof from the rear
Hole in the roof from inside
Roof from inside



Sitting in the middle of the family room we found a giant package of what we assume to be our plaster.




The carpenter had been to fix the internal doors which were not the correct height.  All internal doors are now the correct height.  Walking through the door frames gives a real sense of the high ceilings; it's very impressive.

Corrected door frames

The dodgy nogging in the theatre room had also been fixed.

Theatre room nogging


  1. I know how exciting it is to watch the progress of home construction, especially if it is YOUR HOME! Your roof looks great, and I think the color matches your bricks perfectly. Is the construction finished by now? I’d love to see pictures of the finished product!

    - Tisa See -

  2. Congratulations on all the progress on your home! Now that you've got a roof on, I'm sure you were feeling more secure about the construction, since it was now much more protected than it was without the roof. I like that you chose a metal roof. They are lightweight, much more affordable, and are known to last very long. I hope the construction of your house has gone well!

    Lakisha Autin

  3. The trusses look good! I’m sure it’ll provide a strong foundation to your roof. Also, a metal roof was a good choice and I can assure you that it can provide a lasting protection for your entire house. How’s the construction now? I hope you’re close to finishing the house.

    -Elizabeth Hoffnung

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