Saturday, 14 July 2012

Making good progress

Last Saturday I was in the area with the little guy so we stopped by to check out the progress.  Trying to take photos while navigating the mud and piles of bricks and other hazards with a toddler strapped to my back was quite the challenge, but it's always exciting to get out and have a look.  Things are continuing to move along nicely.



Bricklaying has progressed well.  The eastern wall is complete, and the south and western walls are more done than not.  Work has also started on the front (northern) wall.

Bricks, front.  Walk in robe.
Bricks, west.
Bricks, south (rear)
Bricks, west.  Alfresco.
Bricks, west.  Laundry.




There are now pipes running through the frame; red, black and purple.  The purple is the compulsory connection  to the recycled water system, and connects to the toilets, as well as providing a third tap to the laundry washing machine connection and two additional external taps.

Pipes, kitchen
Pipes, toilet
Pipes, shower
Pipes, bathroom vanity

We also have a frame for the bath.


Heating and cooling

Heating and/or cooling ducts have been put in the roof.



The door from the garage into the foyer has been installed, presumably because it is required for lock-up.  Despite being told at some point that it could not be done, we were surprised (and pleased) to see that it is a high door.

Garage access door

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