Monday, 8 October 2012

Nothing to see here (updated 5 hours later)

The title pretty much says it all!  For the first time since construction started, we didn't visit the block this weekend.  Robert was out there late last week to get a second quote on the alfresco screens, and found that for the first time, the house was completely locked up.  I guess it had to happen eventually!

However Robert was able to see a couple of changes.  Most notably, the splashback has been installed and all the windows and doors have flyscreens, with the exception of the bifolds and the front door.  The bifolds won't have a screen (they don't come under the BAL definition requiring one) but the front door is supposed to have one.  Although in truth, we don't care if they don't put one on the front door!

While we don't know what is left to do inside, we do know that (as of Thursday) the external painting is yet to be started.  Such a shame given the beautiful weather last week and the forecast rain for this week.

The tiles have been cleaned, presumably in preparation for PCI, which is scheduled for this Wednesday.  We are having some troubles booking our independent inspector, but hopefully we are able to sort that out and go ahead this week!


Robert has spoken to our site supervisor, who says that the house won't be ready for PCI on Wednesday.  A shame, but it does mean that we can go ahead with our usual inspector on Monday.

The supervisor also mentioned that the front door is going to be replaced with a fire-resistent version (we noticed a 'spare' door had been delivered a few weeks ago, but figured it was a mistake).  This means that we don't have to have an ugly flyscreen door covering our feature entrance door!  It's a great win for us!

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