Friday, 19 October 2012

We have a date!

We thought we already had one, but we didn't.  But now we do!  The big day is next Friday, October 26.  Final walkthrough is at 8am and if all goes well we can head straight to the office to pick up the keys.  It's a little disappointing to have the date moved back again, but really a couple of days isn't a big deal and the Friday works a little better in terms of taking leave from work (actually, as we will be taking the day of handover as well as the following week off our time off runs into cup weekend, so we should have a decent break from work, and hopefully some time to settle in and enjoy the new house).  We intend to move in on the day of handover, so appliances will also be delivered that day. 

We have been told that there will be one outstanding issue at handover.  The door handle and seal of the bifold doors cannot be replaced by the end of next week.  I know many would advise not to hand over in these circumstances, but we will insist on the proper documentation and we trust our Site Supervisor when he tells us he will make sure it gets done.  The problems are aesthetic, not functional, so it won't be a hassle for us in the meantime.

The landscaping contractor contacted me yesterday to advise that he will be excavating in the estate on Thursday, and that if we can have the driveway marked out and the bricks moved from the front yard* they will excavate our yard.  This is good news, as it means that our garden shouldn't be too far away.  If we can't move the bricks or have the driveway marked then we will have to wait until this batch of gardens are done before they bring the excavator back.  I found out by chance that our driveway guy lives in the estate, so hopefully it won't be a problem for him to mark it out.

*The bricks.  We had about 3 pallets of bricks left over from the house.  Our Site Supervisor asked if we wanted to keep any and we thought we might use some for a letterbox, so they left behind one pallet for us.  We have since decided to buy a ready made letterbox, so now we need to move the bricks.  We don't have time to sell them, or offer them for free for fear of being stuffed around.  We found a local brick recycling centre that will take them fairly cheap and they are open to 1pm on Saturdays, so we will be spending tomorrow morning taking the bricks there.


  1. So... Did the SS ever fix your Door handle and Seal on the bi-folds after handover?

    1. Yes, the door handle and seal were replaced without us having to follow it up, although not without a hiccup! Someone from Southern Star windows came out promptly, but the wrong handle had been ordered (not in the sense that it was a different style - which it was but we wouldn't have minded - but in the sense that it couldn't be fitted to our door!). So he had to come back a week later with the right replacement. It was a bit of a hassle, as Robert had to take the day off work for the second take, but since the issue was aesthetic it wasn't a problem that we had to wait.