Friday, 15 June 2012


It's official, our piece of dirt is now our piece of dirt and concrete!

We drove over to the block on Saturday to check it out and it was both as exciting and as boring as you might expect ;)  We were both surprised at how small it looked, but I suspect that is an illusion as we are building the same size as both the display homes we looked at so we know it is plenty big enough.

It was raining and the block (and the entire estate) was very muddy, and we had the little man with us, so we didn't stick around.  I took a couple of photos which I will upload over the weekend. 



We also met our next door neighbour, who moved in last week.  He mentionned that the fence is on hold until we find out about the back fence.  We weren't aware, but he tells us that the developer will be providing a rear fence (good news, as we back onto farmland making us wholly responsible for the cost of the fence otherwise).  So he doesn't want to proceed with side fences until there is a rear fence to build it to.  We don't mind waiting.

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