Thursday, 7 June 2012


Something that we thought would have been useful for us was a concise timeline of other people's builds.  Of course, they are all different, but we're completely new to this and have no idea how long any part is supposed to take.  So I will make a timeline here, and try to remember to add to it as we go along.  I hope it is interesting to someone.

I will start with the work in the last week, but I hope to come back to add all our pre-start timing as well.  We are currently living over an hour from the block, so the best we can hope for is weekly visits.  As a result, we won't necessarily know exact dates, but I'll do my best :)  Where a date is marked with an * it denotes that we saw the progress on that date, but we don't know when the work actually occurred.

Where applicable, I have linked to the relevant blog post.

1 comment:

  1. Love the blog, hopefully it helps us out with our build.

    Are you able to tell us who the blind company you used as we are looking into roller blinds and blockouts.


    Neil and Jasmine.