Friday, 3 August 2012

A delay

We had been told that the fixing stage was scheduled for completion on August 1, but by lunchtime today (August 3) we hadn't recieved an invoice.  Usually the invoice is in our inbox the day the stage is declared complete, so we had a inkling something was going on.  Robert called the site supervisor, who said that there has been a delay, caused by a trailer losing a wheel.  That's all we know, but I have constructed an elaborate scenario in my head.  As a result, tradies will be working on the house over the weekend.  He mentioned that the plasters will be in over the weekend to make sure the place is ready for painting.  We will head over tomorrow as usual, so we might encounter some.  Hopefully despite the delay we will still see some good progress tomorrow.

We have scheduled a meeting with the site supervisor for next Friday.  Neither of us have met him yet, so it's been a while coming I think. 

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