Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The writing's on the wall...

... literally!

The walls are covered with pencil scribbles.  The site supervisor mentioned that the plasterers would be out this week preparing the plaster for painting, so perhaps it's to do with this - we have no idea!

Generally, Saturday's visit was a bit disappointing.  Last week was definitely the slowest progress we've seen.  Fixing stage was scheduled to be finished last Wednesday, but it was held up by a trailer losing a wheel (at least that is what we've been told).  As of today it's still not done, so I guess we're at least a week behind schedule now.



Progress in the kitchen was limited to the addition of the bulkhead.  It seems strange to us that they would do this after the cornice had been fixed, but as long as it gets done.

In the kitchen are a few extra cabinet doors.  We can't figure out what they might be for, I suppose time will tell (or they'll disappear).



The architraves are almost complete.  Unfortunately the wrong architraves were delivered so they will all have to be re-done.  Somehow we missed this last week.  The site supervisor has said that this will be fixed this week and shouldn't hold things up.


What's going on here?

Bathroom window



The west boundary fence has been completed.  We also have confirmation that the rear fence will be provided by the developer, which is a nice bonus for us.  Technically we can be organise it once we have the certificate of occupancy, but hopefully we can at least get on the waiting list before then (a toddler and an electric fence don't seem the greatest combination).  We also discovered that the block on the east side has been sold pending settlement, which explains why the developer says it's sold but the council tells us the developer is the owner.  We will have to reapply for the owners' details at the end of the month.

All in all it looks like the dream run is over.  However we're hardly at panic stations, and hopefully our meeting with the site supervisor on Friday will set our minds at ease.

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