Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Our first meeting with the Site Supervisor

Last Friday we had our first meeting with our site supervisor (SS), at the house.  I'm a bit concerned I've left this update too long as I don't really remember the details, but the crux of it was that we are very happy with the site supervisor and the meeting renewed our waning confidence in the process.  A great outcome for everyone.

The SS was friendly, professional and helpful.  We had a few concerns to raise with him, and he patiently went through all the issues.  Most were 'standard' things that will be fixed up in time, but we weren't to know and he was never condescending.  Some of the things we were assured were:
  • The roofer will be back to do a pre-handover service and will fix the piece of raised colorbond.
  • The window supplier will provide matching aluminum strips to be fitted above the windows and doors that have a gap between the window and the brickwork.
  • The missing plaster in the garage will be fixed up before painting.
The SS told us that we will be finished in October, but says he can give a better estimate once the tiling has started.  We'd be happy with October, but happier still with September!

The week's progress seemed slow again, but there were a few new bits and pieces for us to see.


Ensuite Shower
Bathroom Shower

The shower bases are in in the bathroom and ensuite.

Internal doors

Pantry Door

All the internal doors have been hung.  The picture above shows the pantry door, which was the most interesting of the doors.  We had chosen the Balmoral 2 doors for all internal doors except the pantry, which was to be a flush panel door, but a Balmoral 2 has been delivered and hung.  We spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about it and have decided to stick with the 'wrong' door.  At least it will match all the other doors!



Living/dining architraves and skirting

The architrave saga continues.  Despite calling the site supervisor at 8am Monday morning about the mistake, the carpenters didn't get word that they were using the wrong architraves/skirting until they had completed the architraves and were well underway with the skirting.  The correct materials have been delivered, and the SS tells us it should all be fixed up by the end of this week.

Front door


Front door (external)
Front door (internal)

Our front door has been hung and it looks great.  The wrong deadbolt has been put on it (it should be square), but apparently that is an easy fix.  The door is yet to be painted, but we are very happy with the look - we've been hanging out to see it hung and it didn't disappoint!

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  1. Hi, what happened with your door in the end? Did PD end up giving you a roller bolt?
    We requested to have a paradigm dead bolt installed on our door, but instead they gave us a roller bolt and a locking mechanism that doesn't use the thumb bolt like the paradigm. I'm just wondering how did they manage to fix yours in the end. maybe they can do the same for us.
    We want to have a rollerbolt and a paradigm deadbolt like yours(square).