Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fixing Stage Complete

On Friday, three weeks after we were told fixing stage would be complete, we got the call saying the fixing stage is complete!  There were only a couple of visible changes when we visited the site yesterday, but it was the most encouraging progress we've seen in a little while.

Architraves & Skirting


Architraves and Skirting
Finally, the architraves and skirting are complete (and correct!)



Bed 4 Wardrobe
Bed 4 Wardrobe
All the wardrobe doors have been hung, meaning all internal doors are now hung.



The cladding on the facade in now underway, the first change in the facade that we have seen in a little while.



The ceiling under the eaves and portico has been started.





We noticed that some of the cornice above the front door has been ripped off; we'll see what the site supervisor has to say about it.

What it's all about


Because I can't resist...

Loves the new house!
Who's there?

The little guy came with us on Saturday, and had a ball running around the house!

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