Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Colour Selection

This is a little more difficult to remember than electrical because of all the details we went through!  Hopefully I can do it!  I will come back and add photos when I have uploaded them from the camera.

External colours

As I think I mentioned in a previous post, we were pretty much settled on the category 4 Mocha bricks.  We have based our selections on this, but unfortunately we won’t know the price until Contract on Thursday.  To go with the bricks we chose ‘pale parchment’ render, ‘woodland grey’ Colorbond roofing (with ‘Gunmetal’ tiles as our budget backup) with matching gutters, facia and garage door, Jasper downpipes and meter box.  Windows and wood panels above the entrance will be Sandbark.

Entrance door

We are making quite a feature of the entrance, so we are hoping to have (read: be able to afford) the Corinthian 8G 2340x1200mm door.  Such a heavy door really needs a hydraulic losing system for safety (especially with little fingers in the house) and we would like a pull handle with a rolling mortice lock, so that the door doesn’t need a traditional handle but can be latched without being deadbolted all the time.  This was all outside what they could do at Hopetoun, so we got in contact with out building co-ordinator who is arranging a quote that we can see on Thursday.

Internal Colours

I have already posted about our tiles; well, the night between our tile and colour appointments I completely flipped out about them!  I couldn’t stop looking at the sample they gave us, convinced we had made a terrible mistake.  Of course, choosing the tiles first meant that everything else was going to be based around them.  But on Thursday the colour consultant said they were great (without prompting).  Sure, she might say that to everyone, but it made me feel much better and happier proceeding.  Having selected all our colours I am feeling much better about it all.


Internal walls will be Wattyl Flokati.

Wattyl - Flokati


  • Benchtop is Caesarstone Ice Snow
  • Underbench cupboards are Laminex Licorice Linea
  • Splashback is Dulux linseed on starfire glass
  • Overhead cupboards are Alifrost Pearl either side of the rangehood, and remaining cupboards are a shade of white I can’t currently remember the name of.  However, the more I think about it, the more I don’t like the idea of two different cabinets overhead, so I think we will change the Alifrost to the standard cabinets on Thursday.

Caesarstone - Ice Snow
Laminex - Licorice Linea
Dulux - Linseed



Bathroom, Ensuite and Laundry
  • I really like consistency, so the tiles in the wet areas are the same as in the rest of the house, and these three rooms will be consistent with each other.
  • Cabinets will be Laminex Smoky Sappelle
  • Counter/vanities will be Caesarstone Latte
  • Glass in the ensuite toilet and bathroom windows will be frosted.


Caesarstone - Latte
Laminex - Smoky Sapelle



  • Kitchen tap we have included the Brewers Italia flexible sink mixer tap with vegie sprayer.
  • Laundry we have added a pull out veggie sprayer tap.
  • Bathroom and Ensuite showers will be Olympic 3 function hand held shower rail (one is included in our promo, one we have added)
  • All taps throughout the house (except the washing machine tap) will be mixers.


Internal Doors

We are still undecided on internal doors.  It will be around $250 each to upgrade to solid internal doors which would be nice, but isn’t necessary.  If we do upgrade we will probably go with the Corinthian PBAL2, otherwise we will stick with the standard hollow flush doors, with the exception of the internal garage door which we will upgrade for security reasons.

Wardrobe doors we will change to sliders.

Cornice & skirting

We will have the standard cornice, and the skirting was a very plain option, I’ll have to check the name.  All will be in white.

I think that’s most of it!  I will come back and add the names of the things I couldn’t remember when I’ve had a chance to check them.

Like all our previous appointments, everything has gone really smoothly.  Colours is really difficult for us, we were dreading it the most.  However our consultant was great, listened to our ideas and made great suggestions for us.  She would also give her honest opinion, which is exactly what we needed.

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