Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Electrical Update

As I mentioned previously, our electrial amendments were made manually on a plan as the computer system was down at the time of our appointment.  Yesterday we recieved the proper plans and there were a few things that hadn't translated from the handdrawn plan, some that had changed and some that were technically right but were misleading on the original.  There were also a couple of changes we wanted that we hadn't noticed previously.  Our issues were:
  1. The powerpoint on the end of the island bench was omitted
  2. The light switch for the two front lights and the entry light had been moved to outside the front door!?
  3. The second switch for the lights in the kitchen, dining and living rooms was in the rumpus room, when it should have been on the other side of the wall, in the kitchen.
  4. We decided to add a batten light above the toilet in the ensuite, as there is a half wall there that will probably make the area pretty dark.  Switched separately but on the same plate as the ensuite light and fan.
  5. We also decided to add a double switch to the alfresco and rear yard floodlight in the rumpus room.  With the bifold doors it could be awkward to come out of the rumpus and then go back into the living room to turn the lights on.
  6. We also noted that there was no switch on the plan for the ducted heating ceiling light, although we have now been told that this is not something they put on the plan.
We emailed our building co-ordinator last night, and by 9:30 this morning we had amended plans :)

This is our revised electrical plan (excluding security, fibre pack and wall mounted TV pre-wiring).
Total cost for lighting and powerpoint changes: $4,994.00.

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