Sunday, 22 April 2012

Master Bedroom


The master bedroom entrance is a double (well, 1.5 door) set from the entry.  The doors will be Corinthian Balmoral 2 in white, one in 2340x820mm and the other 2340x520mm.  Door handles will be Lockwood Velocity Summit L1 with privacy set.

Corinthian PBAL 2 Double
Lockwood Velocity Summit
We have added a door to the ensuite, the Corinthian Balmoral 2, 2340x820mm in white.  Door handle will be Lockood Velocity Summit L1.

Corinthian PBAL2

Lockwood Velocity Summit


The bedroom will we carpeted with Belmont "Old Leather" cut pile plush.  I can't find a picture of this.


Walls will be Wattyl Flokati
Wattyl Flokati


We have added two double power points to the master bedroom, for a total of 3.  There will be one on either side of the bed, and one opposite.  We will also have a phone/data, TV and pay TV point opposite the bed, one of four such points through the house.

Double power point.


The light in the master bedroom will be a single batten light to the centre of the room.

Batten light

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