Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The house

We had been looking through display homes and fell in love with the Drysdale by Porter Davis.  Specifically, we loved that the rumpus room connected to the 'kids' bedrooms as well as outside, creating an area for little people and their things that could be kept separate from the main living areas.

The Drysdale 30 by Porter Davis

Our facade

We had intended to build the smaller 28sq version of the house, however with a $15,000 discount on land we could afford a bigger block than we had originally expected.  The extra size in the block we bought is in its width, and it happens that the Drysdale 30 is wider and shorter than the 28 and 26 versions.  With the money saved on the block, we were able to spend the extra $5,000 on the larger house which actually gives us more backyard space. 

The Drysdale 30 by Porter Davis

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