Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Showroom browsing: doors, bifolds and BRICKS!

Today we headed out to some showrooms to check out our options (again) in anticipation of our tile, colour and electrical appointments happening in the next couple of days. 





We went to the Corinthian Door showroom and decided on our front door.  We are making a bit of a feature of the entrance, with the ceiling in the entrance (up to the first bulkhead) raised another 15-odd cm on top of our already upgraded ceiling height.  As a result, the size of our front door will also be increased.

We decided on the Infinity 8G.  We had been considering a double door, but decided instead to go with a 1200mm wide single door with sidelight.  Essentially, we thought that although the double look is "grand", most of the time you will only open one door.  Having a single large door will give a great effect every time the door is opened, as well as some of the advantages of having a large entrance (eg, furniture removal).  The Corinthian Doors website is great and gives prices for all options, so although we don't know the "Porter Davis Price" we do have an indication of the additional cost.



We are also considering upgrading the internal doors from the plain standard door.  We are undecided, but options include:


Bifold Doors

We will be having aluminium bi-fold doors from the family room to the alfresco, which we went and had a look at at Southern Star windows.  The doors look great.  We will also add a retractable flyscreen to make the doors more usable, as well as comply with the new bushfire regulations in Victoria.  Whether the cost of the screen will comprise part of the bushfire allowance remains to be seen.



We spent most of the day looking at bricks.

We generally like dark colours for everything, so were concerned about making the overall look of the house too dark.  So in our many weekend visits to Hopetoun Interiors we decided that we would go for a lighter brick so we could have the dark accents (render, roof, gutters etc).  Included in the Lifestyle range are category 1 Boral bricks.

We had nominally decided on "Sandy Beach" a light category two brick.  We went to the Boral showroom in Wantirna South and were able to get a list of houses that used the brick, but when we looked at the houses we really weren't happy with the colour or the apparent colour scheme options.  So we went back to the drawing board, and back to Boral.

This time we looked at more "brown-y" bricks, our original plan.  We selected 5 bricks in categories 1 to 4 and got lists of addresses for each of them.  We chose Jarrah (1), Ironbark (2), Brown Terrain (2), Mocha (4) and Kurrajong (4).

Then we started driving.  We were able to get a good look at all of the styles with the exception of Kurrajong, which we will check out tomorrow afternoon.  However we are currently leaning towards the Mocha, with Brown Terrain as our budget option if the category 4 upgrade is too expensive.

For those playing at home, these are the available bricks and their categories.

Category 1 - Standard

Rouge | Jarrah | Brushwood | Amber Blaze | Tanami | Berwick Rustic | Sienna 

Category 2 - Upgrade

Ironbark | Brown Terrain | Duchess | Ember Glow | Sandy Beach

Category 3 - Upgrade

Sydney Town | Windorah | Port Phillip | Beaumonde | Ripponlea | Pearl | Grey Velour

Category 4 – Upgrade

Gypsy Rose | Ascot | Mocha | Golden Bay | Pearl | Grey Smooth | Rose | Cove | Kurrajong | Orient | Morell

Category 5 - Upgrade

Murray River | Moss | Labassa | Fossil | Vanilla | Kingsley | Leura | Graphite | Soft Suede | Nevada Cream | Smooth Glenfern

Category 6 - Upgrade

Victoria Blue | Red Smooth | La Mesa | Mangrove | Mocha 50mm | Storm | Espresso | Blackheath | Grey Nuance | Domino | Boulder | Domino 50mm | Vic Blue 50mm | Labassa 50mm | Rattan 50mm | Morell 50mm | La Mesa 50mm | Grey Nuance 50mm  



Tomorrow is our tile appointment, and Thursday is colours and electrical.  After today we are feeling much more confident about both!

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